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In order to sell a mortgage note...

In order to sell a mortgage note, there are a few things that you will need to ensure the outcome of a smooth transaction and to make sure that there are no delays in you receiving your cash. After all, that is the whole reason that you have decided to sell your mortgage note, for the cash. The sooner you can get money in your pocket, the better for you and your family.
Generally, mortgage buyers require two main types of information. The first set of documents and information relates to the property itself and the financial transactions surrounding that. The second set of information and documents pertains to the actual private mortgage itself.
The property information that will be required includes the basic details such as address and type of property. Some mortgage buyers may also request some photos of the property. Then, further financial information about the property will need to be presented. This includes the sale price, date of the sale, the value of the property, loan amounts and down payment amounts.
The mortgage note information required includes the original amount of the note and the balance as at the current date. The buyer will also need to know the current interest rate against the note, payment amounts and date of establishment of the note. A full statement will also need to be provided that shows all transactions involving the mortgage note such as the number of payments that have been made and when they were made. Further, any clauses and balloon payments will need to be disclosed in full.
If you are able to provide all of these documents in a timely manner, then your mortgage note should be valued and a quote for purchase provided in a good amount of time. From there you will be able to accept the purchase amount if it turns out to be what you were looking for. If you can help the buyer out as much as possible, it will only help you out in the short term by ensuring that you get your money as soon as possible.
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Sell your mortgage note to get cash sooner...

If you are currently holding onto a mortgage from a property you are selling, then you may be feeling a bit disappointed that you have not received all of your money when the property closed. There is a way to overcome this and get your cash sooner if you sell your mortgage note through a private mortgage buyer.
There is unfortunately the inevitable factor of inflation to be taken into consideration if you are holding onto a mortgage. If you sell your mortgage note, then the money that you can receive today will actually be worth more now than later.
Selling your mortgage now also takes the hassle out of waiting on monthly payments. Would it help you considerably now to have all of the money in your pocket today, rather than waiting for that monthly payment to come through? Not only that, you will not have to worry about late monthly payments, and worst case scenario, foreclosing on the buyer. If you can sell your mortgage, you can have peace of mind from these sometimes very stressful situations.
Other risks of owning mortgage notes include unpaid property taxes, hazard insurance coverage, liens placed on the property and the potential is always there for defaults. Not to mention the extra accounting and tax reporting required when holding these notes. If this all sounds too risky, then selling your private mortgage is an extremely viable option.
There are brokers out there who only deal in selling mortgage's. They are well versed in all the implications and risks, so therefore will help to reduce the stress involved in the sell mortgage note transaction. The only thing you need to do is ensure that you have all of the documentation required, and the transaction should go through with little to no hassle.
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5 Good Reasons To Sell Your Mortgage Note...

Sometimes a private mortgage can be more hassle than it is worth. There are actually many good reasons to sell your mortgage, and all of them truly benefit the seller of the note.
1. The first good reason to sell a private mortgage is that you will receive the cash immediately upon settlement with the mortgage note broker. This means no more waiting for monthly payments to come through. Not to mention the hassle of late or missed monthly payments. All of that stress will be eliminated as it becomes someone else's problem, not yours.
2. Maybe you would like to pay off your own mortgage? If the value of the mortgage is near to or equivalent, or even better, more than the value of your current mortgage, then one great thing you can do with the cash is pay off your own mortgage. Really, nothing feels better than paying a mortgage payment for the last time.
3. If you have some annoying small or large debts, or taxes, then the cash from selling your mortgage can go a long way to reducing these debts. It is so important to reduce those debts that have the highest interest rates first, and selling your private mortgage can help you do this.
4. With the extra cash from the sale, maybe it is time to look into some investment opportunities. Maybe you have had your eye on a solid investment opportunity, but have just never had the money to get started. Selling your mortgage note may just give you the leg up you need to kick off some quality, good incoming producing investments for your future needs.
5. If you have sold your mortgage note, cleared some debts and paid a few bills and there is some money left over, then nothing will be stopping you from taking a vacation. Maybe you have always had a dream holiday planned, well selling your mortgage note may just give you the chance to live that dream.
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Owner Financing: You can sell your house with owner financing.

You can sell your house with owner financing. Make sure you get about 30% down payment. Make sure you recieve at least 8% intrest on the payments. Also make sure you get a good monthly payment amount. These suggestions are very important.


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Sell Mortgage Note

3 reasons to sell your mortgage note.
Posted on May 7, 2010 by randylassiter
The first reason- to sell your mortgage is to get a lump sum ofcash for whatever reason you could use that money for. I always find it
interesting what people could use a lump sum of cash for. I have a question
for you what could you use a lump sum of cash for? I have seen people use the
cash they have received to buy new equipment for the business they own. I
have seen people use the lump sum of cash they have received to buy a new carthat they desperately needed.

The second reason- to sell your privately held mortgage note is to get out of
debt. Debt can put a lot of stress on a person. I have heard money trouble isthe number one reason why people get a divorce. in certain cases I have seen
people use money that they have received to catch up on payment’s they fell
behind on. Are you behind on some payments? Could you sell you privately held mortgage to catch up on some payments? I personally know what it’s like to get out of debt, and when I did it felt like I got my freedom back.

The third reason- to sell you’re mortgage note is to just get rid of
the headache of keeping track of the payments you are receiving from the
buyer of your previous house. The records you have to keep recording on a
monthly bases can take up a lot of effort and time you could be using
somewhere else. A lot of people did not want to carry back the financing on a house they have sold but had to in order to sell their house. They would
rather have received all of the cash for their house that they sold. that’s
why it is the third reason to sell your mortgage note, to receive
the cash you wanted to begin with.

Do you have a specific reason to sell mortgage note? Maybe you need to getout of debt or get rid of the headache of keeping track of the payment’s you
are receiving. You could find out more information on selling your mortgage

Sell Mortgage Note

Tips on how to Sell your Mortgage Note.

The process of selling your mortgage is not a very hard process, it does take some time, effort and patience. If you take the time to sell your mortgage you could receive a lump sum of cash in about 3 to 6 weeks after you submit your note and property information. The process of selling your note consists of finding an investor, submitting the information of your note,
getting a quote from the mortgage purchaser, agreeing on a price for the note, commitment letter, information form, the due diligence of the property
and an escrow account to receive a lump sum of cash or partial purchase for your mortgage note.

How to find an investor is not very hard, you can go to Google and type in sell mortgage note, private mortgage buyers or mortgage buyers just to name a few keywords.

Find an investor you like and trust and follow through the process of getting cash for your mortgage note. For more information on how to sell your mortgage note go to ezinearticles and read through the real estate category.

The next step in the process of having a mortgage buyer purchase your mortgage is to give the investor your property and note information. Your property info consists of the type of property you owned, sales price, property value, loan amount and down payment. Your note info consists of the balance of the note, interest rate, payment amount, number of payments made, length of payments and such. You can go to my website link at the bottom of this article to get the full list of information needed to sell your mortgage.

Next you will receive a quote for your note, if you agree on a price you will receive a commitment letter and information request form to proceed in purchasing your mortgage.

A commitment letter is an agreement for an investor to purchase your note. Information request form is information needed to proceed in buying your mortgage, like copy of the note, payment history, escrow instructions, title insurance policy and credit report of the payer.

Once an investor receives all of the information on the original note, he or she will do their due diligence like making sure there is no liens on the
property and that the title is good. If all is well the exchange of cash for your mortgage note will go through an escrow account of your choosing. For more information and answers to your question please visit my website at

Thank you.