Monday, January 9, 2017

In order to sell a mortgage note...

In order to sell a mortgage note, there are a few things that you will need to ensure the outcome of a smooth transaction and to make sure that there are no delays in you receiving your cash. After all, that is the whole reason that you have decided to sell your mortgage note, for the cash. The sooner you can get money in your pocket, the better for you and your family.
Generally, mortgage buyers require two main types of information. The first set of documents and information relates to the property itself and the financial transactions surrounding that. The second set of information and documents pertains to the actual private mortgage itself.
The property information that will be required includes the basic details such as address and type of property. Some mortgage buyers may also request some photos of the property. Then, further financial information about the property will need to be presented. This includes the sale price, date of the sale, the value of the property, loan amounts and down payment amounts.
The mortgage note information required includes the original amount of the note and the balance as at the current date. The buyer will also need to know the current interest rate against the note, payment amounts and date of establishment of the note. A full statement will also need to be provided that shows all transactions involving the mortgage note such as the number of payments that have been made and when they were made. Further, any clauses and balloon payments will need to be disclosed in full.
If you are able to provide all of these documents in a timely manner, then your mortgage note should be valued and a quote for purchase provided in a good amount of time. From there you will be able to accept the purchase amount if it turns out to be what you were looking for. If you can help the buyer out as much as possible, it will only help you out in the short term by ensuring that you get your money as soon as possible.
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