Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sell Mortgage Note

3 reasons to sell your mortgage note.
Posted on May 7, 2010 by randylassiter
The first reason- to sell your mortgage is to get a lump sum ofcash for whatever reason you could use that money for. I always find it
interesting what people could use a lump sum of cash for. I have a question
for you what could you use a lump sum of cash for? I have seen people use the
cash they have received to buy new equipment for the business they own. I
have seen people use the lump sum of cash they have received to buy a new carthat they desperately needed.

The second reason- to sell your privately held mortgage note is to get out of
debt. Debt can put a lot of stress on a person. I have heard money trouble isthe number one reason why people get a divorce. in certain cases I have seen
people use money that they have received to catch up on payment’s they fell
behind on. Are you behind on some payments? Could you sell you privately held mortgage to catch up on some payments? I personally know what it’s like to get out of debt, and when I did it felt like I got my freedom back.

The third reason- to sell you’re mortgage note is to just get rid of
the headache of keeping track of the payments you are receiving from the
buyer of your previous house. The records you have to keep recording on a
monthly bases can take up a lot of effort and time you could be using
somewhere else. A lot of people did not want to carry back the financing on a house they have sold but had to in order to sell their house. They would
rather have received all of the cash for their house that they sold. that’s
why it is the third reason to sell your mortgage note, to receive
the cash you wanted to begin with.

Do you have a specific reason to sell mortgage note? Maybe you need to getout of debt or get rid of the headache of keeping track of the payment’s you
are receiving. You could find out more information on selling your mortgage

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