Monday, January 9, 2017

Sell your mortgage note to get cash sooner...

If you are currently holding onto a mortgage from a property you are selling, then you may be feeling a bit disappointed that you have not received all of your money when the property closed. There is a way to overcome this and get your cash sooner if you sell your mortgage note through a private mortgage buyer.
There is unfortunately the inevitable factor of inflation to be taken into consideration if you are holding onto a mortgage. If you sell your mortgage note, then the money that you can receive today will actually be worth more now than later.
Selling your mortgage now also takes the hassle out of waiting on monthly payments. Would it help you considerably now to have all of the money in your pocket today, rather than waiting for that monthly payment to come through? Not only that, you will not have to worry about late monthly payments, and worst case scenario, foreclosing on the buyer. If you can sell your mortgage, you can have peace of mind from these sometimes very stressful situations.
Other risks of owning mortgage notes include unpaid property taxes, hazard insurance coverage, liens placed on the property and the potential is always there for defaults. Not to mention the extra accounting and tax reporting required when holding these notes. If this all sounds too risky, then selling your private mortgage is an extremely viable option.
There are brokers out there who only deal in selling mortgage's. They are well versed in all the implications and risks, so therefore will help to reduce the stress involved in the sell mortgage note transaction. The only thing you need to do is ensure that you have all of the documentation required, and the transaction should go through with little to no hassle.
Do you want to sell your mortgage note and get your cash sooner?
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